Microaces Builders Directory

By registering on the Microaces Builders Directory you are expressing an interest in building Microaces kits for other individuals who feel they do not have the skills to build but want to be able to own and fly a Microaces model themselves. Our aim is to match customers who want a build service with skilled and experienced builders of Microaces kits in their country or region.

We ask for your geographical address so we can more easily achieve this goal. At no point will we release your geographical address to other individuals. We will only ever make introductions to a potential 'client' by way of an inclusive email. It will be at your own discretion as to how much information you provide a potential 'client'. 

It is entirely your decisions if and how much you wish to charge for your build service and something to discuss with any potential client. Any agreed payment or contract between yourself and your client will be a matter for you and your client as we (Microaces Ltd) cannot negotiate or arbitrate on your behalf.  

Thank you for registering!
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